Indigenous Artwork Range

We are pleased to present our Indigenous Artwork range of merchandise, now available instore and online.


The Mother Goddess, representing the fertile landscape, fertility and beauty. She awaits as we step outside our homes, blessing each day with songs and chirping of birds of all colours of the rainbow. She is also there to support and encourage when feelings of negativity devastate ones dreams. When you have stumbled and found fault, reminding all eventually returns to her for comfort, nourishment, and inspiration. She is the country you walk upon, the grounds that you gathered around, and the mother that we all embrace. Acknowledging her with song and dance, strengthens our resolve, attentive to our well-being.

Eagle Bearer

The Eagle connection with the Hunter signifies the Hunters companion through life’s journey. Where lore of country speaks through the eagle to the Hunter. The Horizon is not yet seen by the Hunter, foresight is attained through this connection. Eagle soar, as the most-high Bunjil does, over all the creatures. Meaning, a subconsciousness that all humans attain through maturity. Their lives paved out through their dreams, though dreams are only dreams, without goals. Gaining the Eagle Eye, gives one direction in life towards success. Staying on that narrow path by setting goals, stepping closer towards making dreams a reality.

Artist: Jade Kennedy
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